Erin + Oliver + Baby Bump

I met Erin and her little boy Oliver for a belly session in Halifax way back at the beginning of July….oh how quickly the summer has gone by! We weren’t even sure that we’d get these photos in, as the rain kept pouring and Erin’s due date kept creeping closer. However, we managed to squeeze them in:)

We spent a windy & beautiful evening in Halifax capturing some pics of Erin & her little boy – we enjoyed some cookies (well Oliver did), we blew some bubbles (Oliver again), and we got some beautiful photos. Erin, I still can’t believe you were 38 weeks when we snapped these shots. This lady was hiking through the park, climbing over rocks, holding a 2-year old on the aforementioned rocks…and she looked crazy amazing on top of it all!!!

As this blog post is so late…Erin has already welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world…congratulations. I hope you enjoy every (sleep-deprived) minute of this time with your new daughter:)

And here are our photos from our little adventure at Point Pleasant….

Oliver I just know that you are going to be an awesome big brother – you already look so proud:)

Just stunning….

I love this little cuddling picture…Oliver’s bear decided to get in on the action:)

Oliver was blowing bubbles by this point…but we sneaked in a few more at the little beach…


Thanks Erin & Oliver. I hope to see you both again:)

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