What kinds of photos do you capture?

You'll receive a mix of lightly posed, lifestyle, and candid images. Please refer back to the "my style" page for a bit more info on what kinds of images I aim to capture:)

How many images do we receive?

Your gallery will contain at least 30 images to choose from. The number of images you receive will depend on the package you choose to purchase after viewing your gallery.

When do we book a "Welcome Home" session?

You book your session before your baby arrives based on your due date. So contact me when you are still pregnant - the earlier the better! Once he/she makes an appearance, you send me an email and we can pick our exact shoot date! I typically shoot welcome home shoots when baby is around two weeks old or less. If you are thinking of booking a "welcome home" session send me an email and I'll send along my full information package.

Where do we have our photo session?

I have quite a few spots that I LOVE and I know will photograph beautifully both in Halifax and on the South Shore. If you have a certain location in mind just let me know and we can chat about it/decide if it's a good fit for my type of photography.

When do we have our photo session?

I book all outdoor photo sessions approximately an hour before sunset (indoor shoots will be during the day). This gives me the best light to work with and almost all of the outdoor photos on my site are from this "golden hour" time of day. If you find this time late for your family, I recommend booking a session in the fall when the sun sets earlier than in the summer, and we can shoot earlier in the day:)


South Shore & Halifax, NS