Griffin – Welcome Home

Griffin arrived last September…on my birthday:) This blog is a little late…..well a lot late…but I couldn’t not share. This shoot was full of relaxed baby snuggles, laughter, big sister shenanigans, and lots of love. This family  is always a pleasure to photograph because they don’t take getting their photos taken too seriously. It’s all in good fun:) Feel free to check out their belly shoot here  and take a scroll down to check out one of the sweetest babies being welcomed home…..

Such a sweet big sister….

These are two of my favourite mom/baby moments…ever….

Dad and his new little man…

Just chillin…..

Baby toes get me every time….

Relaxed and happy family portraits….always the ones I love:)

Lucy…always a superstar


Hope you four didn’t get buried under a snowbank yesterday!!! Winter is over now right???:)

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