Jenny, Mark, & Addy

Jenny has been one of my best friends since elementary school. We have seen each other through most of life’s ups and downs over the years. As luck would have it, we both celebrated the birth of our baby girls only a couple of weeks apart last year. It’s crazy and wonderful watching both of our little ones grow up in parallel. We don’t see each other as often as we would like, as I am in Nova Scotia, and they remain on PEI. However, we do our best. I am so happy that you guys asked me to take your family photos this year. Although we battled the cold, unpredictable clouds, a photobombing dog, and the short attention span of an almost-2 year old, these photos still clearly show the beautiful and close-knit family that you are. I couldn’t love these images any more. Sweet and feisty Addy – you are one lucky little girl!

Love this beautiful mama/daughter moment….

Look at those windows! Jenny and Mark’s house is absolutely stunning. I keep telling her to submit photos to an interior decorating magazine…..

Beautiful baby girl:)

These gorgeous fields are right behind their house. Again…..Addy you are one lucky babe!

Addy having fun with her daddy…

Addy on her little white trunk. She may or may not have been eating crackers in-between these shots:)

And a  peek into life at the White/Green household:

Favourite thing to do as a family: Go visiting and our evening cuddles before bed!

This winter we can’t wait to: Take Addy skating

Describe Addy in 3 words: Loveable, innocent, adorable

And if Addy could tell us:

Mom in 3 words: Fun, loving, caring

Dad in 3 words: Fun, strong, loving

**We are gonna have to check back with Addy in a few years to see if these hold up:)


Miss you guys! Come visit us in Lunenburg soon!

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