Letters to Our Children – July 2014

This is the third letter in the ‘LETTERS TO OUR CHILDREN’ project I have started with other moms/photographers on our blogs. From here just visit Fiona’s blog to read her letter & keep following the circle back to me.



One of my favourite things to do (obviously) is to take pictures of you. I have been following you around with my camera since you were born. I love to document our days together….all of the things you do and the expressions you make. How much fun we have together. How much I love and appreciate you baby girl.

It must come as no surprise that another favourite thing to do is to look at these photographs we have created. It amazes me to see how much you’ve grown and changed…even in such a short amount of time. The other day I stumbled upon a picture that I had taken recently that looked so familiar…and I realized that it was because I had taken the exact same one a little less than a year ago. I went searching for it, and it almost brought me to tears to see these two photos side by side. My girl….already so grown up. Not the baby you used to be….peeking out from inside the slide. A slide that you used to be so scared to go down. One that you now are so excited to try:)

This inspired me to go searching for others that were similar in location or feeling. To set them side by side to show just how much you have been changing. It’s so hard to see day to day how different you have become. But you really are growing into such an independent and unique little person. It’s amazing to see your personality beaming through in what you say and do each day. You are so quirky and hilarious. However, also so thoughtful and gentle and kind. I thank God each day that he gave me such a special little girl to raise. So here they are….little snapshots of you….little pieces of time….

One day my sweet girl you will be so much more grown than you are today. You won’t want me to stay with you while you fall asleep or sing you “baa baa black sheep” a million times.  You no longer will be talking about how you go to your “purple work” or asking me to wrap baby up in her blankie. You won’t speak in your funny little Eva language or ask “is that silly?”. Each year will bring with it new challenges and new joys. I hope to continue taking these pictures for both you and for me….to document your life as beautifully as I can. I hope that you never stop growing, learning, reaching, striving, and changing in all the ways that will lead you down your own path in this world.

I love you.


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