Letters to Our Children – September 2014

This is the fourth letter in the ‘LETTERS TO OUR CHILDREN’ project I have started with other moms/photographers on our blogs. From here you can go on to check out Laura’s blog to read her letter:)

Dear Eva,

Summer is over and I am back at work….only part-time but it still seems so sad that our days of heading to the beach are over. At least for now. We were walking to the park the other night and you asked me when summer would be back. I didn’t have the heart to tell you that summer was the farthest away it could possibly be…as it wasn’t even technically over yet. You are such a beach baby…summer is just your season baby girl.

I hope you remember parts of this summer in years to come. We got one too many “heart cookies” at the cafe downtown. We also had one too many cones of ice cream:) You are definitely your mama’s girl! We spent countless hours at the beach hunting for snails, rocks that needed “medicine”, jumping over the waves, running through the sand, gathering seaweed, building moats, and dancing on our own little “stage” rocks. We spent so many “mommy Eva days” doing absolutely nothing special…except that is what makes them so. We had campfires and roasted marshmallows. You went to your first fair and rode on your first carousel. You spent time with friends and family. You laughed so hard at times that I thought you weren’t going to be able to breathe. Sweet girl…..even if this summer fades in your little memory, I want you to know it was absolutely perfect.

And just because this is more representative of our “real life”……a little colour, blue jays memorabilia, running like the wind….all that good stuff that makes your little life so full and happy! I love the shots above…they show my beautiful baby girl on her favourite beach. But this shot below….this one brings me right back:)


I love you baby girl.



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