MacQueen Family

This family is awesome. So laid-back and sweet. And obviously photogenic:) Big bro was all smiles and was pretty much the most easy-to-pose kid I’ve ever met. I think it was because he secretly is hoping to be a photographer himself someday (check out those photos down below of him and his mom snapping some of their own photos with his rock “camera”). Little sis was a mover and a shaker and not as interested in sitting still….but who has time for that when there’s a whole big world to explore? Somehow she kept her white outfit (mostly) clean through it all – such a pro:)

Also, just fyi….these kiddos mom is also some kind of super-human as she was in the midst of training to swim across the Northumberland Strait when we had this photoshoot last summer. Yes you read that right. She was raising money for Brigadoon Village. Go check it out – it is definitely a charity worth supporting:)

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