Michele + Colin + Benjamin

I love all my family sessions. I really am passionate about capturing family connections – especially for those young families just starting out on this crazy journey of parenthood. But I really love, love, LOVED this family session. It started out on a stressful note for myself, as I had lost my car keys in the park when a dog decided to give me a VERY friendly hello. However, once this family arrived, it just turned into the most relaxing, comfortable, and happy little morning. You 3 made my job so incredibly easy and fun! And yes I know I have way too many photos in this blog post…I just couldn’t help myself! Benjamin just had so much charm and character and all his little expressions just need to be seen:)

Benjamin you knocked this photoshoot out of the park….just look at him!

These 3 had been up since 4 a.m – Benjamin’s decision, not Michele and Colin’s:) I wish I looked this good on so little sleep!

A boy and his mama…..

One of my favourite shots from the entire photoshoot…something about it just tugs on my heartstrings…

Handsome fella

Just the boys:)

That second B&W shot below of Colin and Ben is my other favourite of the day:)

Love these family shots:) Michele chose the second one in this series as a print to order and I couldn’t have been happier with her choice – like she read my mind!

We switched it up and headed to Fisherman’s Cove for a few fun shots….so happy we did!

Do you see these expressions? Just the best personality in this little guy:)

It was so wonderful meeting you 3 – I hope that we get to see each other again sometime in the future. I can only imagine the cuteness of this little boy as a toddler! Enjoy your photos:)

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