Susan, Aaron, Sam, & Anna Kate

I was lucky enough to photograph this family right after their beautiful baby girl was born last Christmas. I was so excited when Susan asked if I might have time to photograph them again during a visit to PEI this fall. Ummmmm….yes! Susan is the sister of one of my very best friends, so maybe I’m biased but I just think the world of this sweet little family. They are such a laid back, fun and kind-hearted bunch. Plus, Sam is the most handsome little man ever, and Anna Kate never stopped smiling the entire session. Seriously…look at these photos. Even when I wasn’t trying to get her to smile at the camera…there was her sweet little face grinning at me:) The only minor setback was that, unbeknownst to us, our beautiful (and carefully chosen) location also happened to be home to a few duck hunters. However, gun shot scares aside – all in all such a wonderful evening spent with the Taylor Family…..


Brace yourself for cuteness overload…

I think I’ll just ask this entire family to lay down and cuddle in the field….no big deal…..

I love these two pics of Susan and Sam. They make me smile:)

Handsome fella…

Sweetest little babe…

Clearly this is where the kids get all their photogenic qualities…..

Pretty obvious these two are related….

These last 3 are my absolute faves….

And a peek into the Taylor household:

Anna in 3 words: Cute. Smart. Stubborn.

Sam: Handsome. Kind. Sweet.

Best way to spend a cold winter’s day: We would probably go outside and shovel (if it had been stormy) and play in the snow. Come inside and watch a family movie with popcorn and chocolate milk.

A family routine/ritual:  We have sung Rosy Apple every night to Sam and Anna Kate since they were born…

And according to Sam:

Dad in 3 words: Worker. player. fun

Mom: Cooks. Drives. Reads books

Anna: Plays. Cute. Sleeps

I love my family because: they make supper for me.

Best thing about being a big brother is: I get to look after Anna and play with her.


Thanks guys…hopefully we can do this again on another PEI visit next year….


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