The Hopson Family

This sweet family was one of my first clients when I opened up my business for real, with an actual website and business cards and big aspirations, a couple years ago. These photos are from our third shoot together and it’s so much fun to keep seeing their family change and grow. Parenting two young kids can be full of crazy chaos (haha I’m currently in the midst of it right now so I know)….but it’s the most wonderful kind of crazy chaos. Full of laughter and chasing and jumping and flying and twirling in the sand. I think we captured a little bit of all of those things this night in Eastern Passage. And I can’t wait to see them again soon to do it all again:)

Oh and check out that beautiful sunset glow! I was ready to cancel as it was calling for cloudy skies but Jenna said she felt it would turn out ok! She was definitely right…one of the prettiest evenings I’ve been lucky enough to be out shooting…..

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